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Pittsburgh Food Policy Council Releases Farm Bill Resource

November 2, 2017

Amalie Lipstreu, Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association

The 2018 Farm Bill Guide is a new resource developed by the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council (PFPC) to help its members gain a basic understanding of the Farm Bill, a key piece of federal legislation that affects many aspects of our food system, and access the information and resources you need to advocate around the issues you care about. This guide includes background information on the Farm Bill and the programs it governs, tips on engaging with representatives, and additional resources to further engagement efforts.

Whether you are interested in increasing access to healthful foods, promoting sustainable agriculture and conservation, reducing food waste or more, the farm bill covers many program areas and resources that are integral for the work of food councils. This guide covers the different titles of the farm bill, how it is written, provides an overview of funding allocations, a little bit about what is happening to date (check here for regular updates), and creative ways for local councils to engage.

While many of the resources in this guide are particular to Pennsylvania this guide provides a good primer on the farm bill structure and process and ways that local food councils can engage.  This engagement is really useful in helping to provide the resources and support to help local communities reach their goals.  The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) can provide many of the local resources referenced in the report.  Please contact us today to learn more.

Pittsburgh Farm Bill Guide Post

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