Procedure for Bringing Your Policy Action to the OFPN Steering Committee 

Any member of the OFPN may request that the OFPN Steering Committee take a policy action or position on behalf of the OFPN by submitting the Requesting Policy Action Form below. Your request will be sent to the Policy Chair or OFPN Chair.

All pending Policy Actions will then be shared for review and decision at the next standing monthly Steering Committee meeting. At least 1/2 plus one of the Steering Committee members must be present for a decision to be made and at least 75% present must approve for OFPN to take a policy action.

In the case where a decision must be made before the next standing Steering Committee meeting, the Policy Chair will advance the discussion and vote electronically.  In this format, a simple majority is required for approval, unless there are 5 or more dissents.

The Steering Committee will review and discuss the request, documenting discussion and decisions using the Process and Record of Decision-Making Form.

Following discussion and decision by the Steering Committee, the Policy Chair or designated Steering Committee member will notify the Network via the OFPN Listserv about the request, communicate the decision made by the Steering Committee and share information about how members can take action themselves via the OFPN Listserv.

Requesting Policy Action Form

The OFPN focuses our work in four policy priority areas. Which area does the proposed action address?