OFPN Virtual Convening – Food Policy Councils: Getting Started and Moving Forward

During this virtual convening, Anne Palmer and Karen Bassarab from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future discussed the process of organizing, managing, and sustaining a food council. To view the webinar click here. The first few slides were not captured in the recording but you can access Anne and Karen’s full powerpoint by clicking here.

OFPN’s Mapping the Vision for the Future of Ohio’s Food System 2017 Report

This report documents findings from nearly 18 months of data and information gathering to understand who we are
and what we can accomplish together, a process that began with the 2016 Ohio Food Policy Summit. The purpose of this “Map” is to describe the OFPN, the people in the network, and our shared goals to drive network activities in the future. To view the report click here.

OFPN Virtual Convening – 2018 Farm Bill

During OFPN’s January Virtual Convening, Amalie Lipstreu from The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) discussed the 2018 Farm Bill, the mechanics of the legislation, and how to engage in the Farm Bill process. To view the recording click here.

Ohio Food Policy Council Report 2009

This report was written by the Ohio Food Policy Advisory Council when it was active under the Strickland administration, in 2009. 

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Southeast Region Food Council Workshop in Lancaster

This powerpoint was given by organizational development expert from Athens,  Leslie Schaller, at the Southeast Regional Food Council workshop in Lancaster on May 25, 2017. 

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Strategic Planning FPC 2017

This Strategic Planning Guide for Food Councils  was developed by Amy Baskes from Columbus in conjunction with  the Central region Food Council workshop in Columbus on June 6, 2017. 

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2017 Fact Sheet-Local Food Council Planning

OSU Extension Educator Brian Raison developed this Local Food Council Planning Guide through his experience working with community members in Miami, Clark, and Greene counties to form food councils. 

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Food Policy Council Report 2017

Meredith Krueger’s 2017 report on local food councils in Ohio.

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2014 Local Foods Toolkit

Brian Williams wrote this report in collaboration with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission about the importance of local food-system revitalization for economic development in 2014. 

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Athens Food Policy Council 2011 Report

This report authored by Nathaniel Betz and Jill Clark examines the Athens FPC as a case study about the process of forming a local food council. It was published in 2011.

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Ken Meter’s 2011 Ohio Food System Analysis

Ohio’s Food Systems– Farms at the Heart of it All. A fascinating statewide food system assessment, authored by Ken Meter in 2011. 

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Local Food Trading Cards by Lucas County Artist

An artist in Lucas County partnered with the Northwest Ohio Food Council to create these trading cards illustrating meals featuring food local to Ohio. The council organizers were happy to share with any local groups who might want to use them in their communities.

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Colorado Community Food Policy Guide 2016

This 2016 toolkit is written for communities organizing to improve their local food systems, guiding them through the process from an economic development perspective

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North Carolina’s Food Policy Network

Community Food Strategies: North Carolina Food Council Structures

Here is a 10-slide presentation overviewing local food council structures in North Carolina.

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Johns’ Hopkins Center for a Livable Future’s National Network of Food Policy Councils:

Get it Toolgether:  Assessing Your Food Council’s Ability to Do Policy Work

The Franklin County Local Food Council found this tool to be useful not just for the

results, but for the within-council discussion of the tool.

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Food And Agriculture Policy Recommendations, January 2017

The Center regularly releases Food and Agriculture Policy Recommendations at the national level; here is the report outlining their recommendations from January 2017.

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Food Policy Resource Datatbase

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Pathways For Change: 10 Theories to Inform Advocacy and Policy Change Efforts

If you are looking for models on how to approach food policy change, page 3 is super useful.

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Food Policy Audit

Franklin County Local Food Council used this tool to build our policy agenda.  The process more than the product is especially useful.

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Growing Food Connections

This searchable policy database contains actual legislation.

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“Good Laws, Good Food” 2012 Food Policy Advocacy Guide

A clarifying guide to state food policy structures, directed toward community groups working to improve food systems, published in 2012 and still very current.

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Food First Report on Food Policy Councils

A report on food councils by the group Food First, out of California. It’s a useful overview with some discussions of best practices. 

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Doing Good Policy Councils Right: A Guide to Development and Action

A guide by Mark Winne, a consultant for food councils & coalitions who travels around the country helping groups. 

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Harvesting Opportunity

This recent publication from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis advocates for food-system development as a means of regional economic development.

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Instituting Change

A 2016 report from the Center for a Livable Future making the case for the importance of organizing around institutional procurement. 

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TFC Policy Report 2017

This report examines policy landscapes across the country as they relate to shared-use kitchens. It was published in May 2017. 

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The Politics of Community Engagement

Brenda Mutuma of the Detroit Food Policy Council investigated ways to practice fairness and inclusivity on two food councils in the Midwest, and authored this report about her findings. 

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