Call for OFPN Steering Committee Applicants

Thanks for being involved in improving food in Ohio, and for participating in this listserv and in many other ways! The loosely organized, but mighty volunteer Ohio Food Policy Network currently has four seats open on its 18-member steering committee, and we invite you to Apply to be a member. The application has more details on the role and our current work. Please contact me if you have any questions, especially if you aren’t sure if this is for you, but you are interested in learning more.

Applications are due Sept. 29 and the review date will be within a week or two of the due date.

For everyone, please note that the steering committee is working on a summit plan which will include a lot of opportunities to connect and to help us move forward in our work, including feedback on policy priority areas to advance our efforts together.

Our Vision 
Our VISION is to realize a food system in Ohio that is Sustainable, Healthful, Equitable, Resilient, and Accessible. 

Our Network
Ohio Food Policy Network (OFPN) was founded by stakeholders who shared a vision for the future of Ohio’s food system. Over the course of 2016-18, hundreds of participants from across the state worked through a collective process to articulate our vision, agenda, and goals. Additionally, more than 150 participants at the 2016 Ohio Food Policy Summit, hosted by The Ohio State University, identified motivations for working within the food system and this information was distilled into eight statements, which serve as OFPN’s stated values:

  • Strong Communities 
  • Vibrant Family Farms 
  • Justice and Equity 
  • Healthy People 
  • Sustainable Ecosystems 
  • Thriving Local Economies 
  • Celebration of Culture and Tradition
  •  Informed and Engaged Consumers

You can also find some additional information at, and we will review current goals and policy priorities together at the summit (date to be announced soon).

Thanks for your participation and commitment,

OFPN Chair