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Statewide Food Policy Network Announces Policy Agenda

May 27, 2021
Michelle Moskowitz Brown (Local Matters)

The Ohio Food Policy Network (OFPN), which has brought together food system stakeholders in a variety of ways for more than a decade, is launching its first policy agenda and priorities on June 11, at 9:30am.  

The Policy Agenda was created over the past year, in part, as the group sought to advance efforts and opportunities that emerged as a result of the pandemic. Broad participation was achieved at the Ohio Food Policy Summit in November 2020, and the resulting agenda represents input and collaboration amongst statewide and local groups.

Building on its history, all of the organizations currently serving on the steering committee, which include Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, Produce Perks Midwest, Ohio Farmers Market Network, Ohio Department of Health, The Ohio State University, Local Matters, Green Umbrella, and more, have made a commitment to a shared vision of the food system, as described in the policy agenda. 

“We see opportunities to improve Ohio’s number one industry of food and agriculture, as well as to increase access to, and education around food. We’re here to share stakeholder input and elevate critical policy work.” Michelle M. Brown, OFPN chair

The Policy Agenda consists of four focus areas: local farms, access and education, infrastructure, and institutions; as well as several policy priorities to advance these focus areas. Moving forward, OFPN will share a streamlined process for groups to ask for policy support from the network, as well as to request participation in sign-on letters and letters of support from the network. 

About OFPN: The network is focused on building a food system in Ohio that is sustainable, healthful, equitable, resilient, and accessible.  It consists of an 18-member steering committee, over 20 food councils across the state, and others interested in affecting policies at the state and local levels.  The network strives to be a weaver of change by building strategic and conceptual linkages in an interdependent food system. It seeks more cross-sector collaboration with environmental, housing, health, transportation, and policy groups. OFPN hosts quarterly events and an annual summit.

Contact: Angela Blatt (t) 614-354-7641 (e)

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